Top 10 Websites To Earn Money Online

Top 10 Legit Websites To Earn Money

Now that I have informed you on the DO’s and DON’TS of websites, I want to focus on websites that you can honestly benefit from and reap all the benefits and succeed given the fact that you are determined, patient, and passionate about what you are doing. So without any further discussions, here are my Top 10 Websites to Earn Money Online:

1. Rev



Transcription work from home jobs are offered through this website. All you need is good English skills, an internet connection and a computer to get going. You will have to go through a simple English test and once you completed it, they will let you know in 48 hours whether you accepted or not (more often than not the former).

Thereafter, here are the benefits:

  • You get to decide what you want to work on
  • You decide when you want to work
  • You get paid weekly every Monday (through PayPal)

2. Fiverr

Freelance opportunities are thrown onto this website at your disposal; and what is the ultimate goal? Getting $5!!! But how are you going to make ends meet you ask yourself. Well, Let’s say you make $5 for 8 jobs you are working on, that is $40, and Let’s say you keep it that way for a week, that is $280!

So, do not be discouraged by the low income being received; think about being proactive, taking on multiple jobs to multiply your profit and earn your money creatively.

3. Swagbucks

This one will for sure not make you a millionaire any time soon, however it can get you some cash on the side to invest. It is one of the most popular and HIGHEST paying survey sites available; what I love about Swagbucks is:

  • When you sign up, you instantly get $5 towards your name!
  • When you shop online, you get Swagbucks (real money)
  • The ‘Swag Codes’ given gives you opportunity to earn more Swagbucks

4. User Testing

Another survey site which is not as well-known as Swagbucks, but just as practical and just as high paying. To sign up is free of charge, and it is a very simple process, After you sign up, you will:

  • Get the opportunity to make $10 just for visiting a website or testing a new app
  • Earn commission for referring other people to the website
  • Receive $10 for working 20 minutes or less (per survey)

5. Amazon mTurk

A marketplace that makes it simple for businesses and people to outsource processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who are able to complete the tasks remotely. Tasks can vary in difficulty, from writing professional articles, or transcribing audio files, to assigning labels to images. Making anything from $10 to $45 daily is very possible!

6. Transcribe Me

Another transcription site (very similar to Rev) where you transcribe audio or video files for money. The only actual requirement needed for you to start is to have the ability to type quite fast. You also need to do a short test to see if you qualify before you can start. The website offers $20 per audio hour.

7. Clixsense

An online survey site that is free to join and includes plenty of opportunities to earn some money, such as various survey companies partnered with Clixsense, daily tasks that needs to be completed, referring friends to the website, play games, watch videos and much more! I have personally made over $40 within a period of 1 month.

This website is one that would be worth looking at…

8. College Humor

This is where a platform is given to you to come up with ideas to make comics, which includes videos, articles, pictures and jokes to name a few. If you passionate about comics and enjoy being creative, you can make $35 for single articles, and $50 for multi-page articles!

9. Music Xray

A review site where you would write a review based on music you listen to, and the more you listen, the more you get paid. Every song reviewed is $1 in your pocket, which sounds like nothing, but just think about all the music you listen to on a daily basis, then we talk again.

10. SpeechPad

In my opinion, this is the best transcription site around today! It has great customer service experience, you can work from wherever you are, it is user-friendly, and as you become more experienced, it’s high paying as well. So, when you start off, you’ll probably make between $10 – $25 weekly, but as you build your experience, you can easily earn $50 per assignment.

Remember, this is not something that is set in stone or opportunities that will instantly make you rich; it is a journey that you need to take in order to get the fundamentals in order to go on and do bigger things, and I will help you whenever you need it. We all need that little push in the right direction in order to lift off and fly to wherever we want to go. This is merely stepping stones for you to see the bigger picture and realize that your dreams can and will come true!

Which one of the 10 would you recommend to other aspiring dream catchers?

Please let me and everyone else know in the comment section below and I hope to hear from you soon…


What Website Would You   Add To The List?

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