Is It A Scam Or Not? – How To Protect Yourself

Many a time you scroll through the internet at home and wonder which sites can offer you the best possible means of income and also whether they are legit or not. Am I right? Well, I have a strong feeling that I am because there a plenty of sites out there that are just out there to harm you and make a profit from you with no returns. However, there are also many sites online that are absolutely legit and offer you platforms to make lots of money! There are some methods you can use to make sure you have entered a legit site and not losing money to some online hacker. Instead, you want to know of “real” sites which you can grow from and make a profit from.

How To See If A Site Is Not A SCAM!?

I have come across many people who have asked me this question, and its very common all over the World Wide Web; that’s why I feel it’s my responsibility to inform all of you of ways to completely avoid being scammed and have all your money lost when it could have been prevented.

Have you ever seen blogs or articles which says, “Earn $1000 in an hour”, “Work from home jobs that pays $45 daily”, and “Earn between $100 000 and $450 000 annually without experience!”? I bet you did, and at the same time, I’m sure you actually went into the website to see what is actually required to get all of this money. I will get into what could be on the website which you should avoid in future in a bit; for now, I want to explain the examples I gave above.

  • Earn $1000 in an hour

This sounds so good that its almost impossible not to read more about it and start working on it, right? WRONG! You need to analyze what you read and not let the visuals and wording fool you. Unless you very experienced and skilled in your line of work, you are NEVER going to make anywhere near $1000 in a day, let alone an hour!

  • Work from home jobs that pays $45 daily

This example is a lot less obvious than the first example, but $45 daily and $315 weekly is a bit suspicious, especially when comparing this to completing online surveys, which takes you months to get even $25!

  • Earn between $100 000 and $450 000 annually without experience!

For me, this one is very easy to spot as a scam for the simple reason that its virtually impossible to make that much money, or anything close to that without hitting a few jackpots in the casino! You would need to be running a few successful businesses and be very good with saving and investing your money to be able to earn that much money.

  1. When Entering The Website, What Do You Do?

So you get pulled into this illusion, juicy and “legit” website and are overwhelmed by the information that is on display before you, and are unsure what to make of it. Questions are going through your mind, “Is this for real?”, “How long will it take me to reach the money goal?”, “Am I going to be rich?”… The list of potential questions are endless, but the real answers are short and sweet: It takes time to be successful.

So, to put your mind at ease, I will tell you what to look out for (scams) and what to proceed with:

a. Proceed

  • Site contains little to no advertisements on it
  • Read through the privacy policy and see if everything makes sense
  • Email the support of that site and get proper response from a real person
  • If money is not being advertised on the site without short phrases to get lots of money in an hour or week
  • If no money is being forcefully asked from you

b. Avoid

  • Sites are filled with ads on the side, bottom and in between content
  • Spelling and grammar is unbelievably bad
  • Sites where people ask you for a joining fee before you can earn money
  • If the site options only has a cryptocurrency option, be very careful
  • Check if the Contact Us section of the site has proper information about them; if there is just an email address and nothing else, exit the site

As you can see, there are certain precautions that can be taken to ensure that you are heading in the right direction with regards to which website you should consider investing your time and money in, and which websites you should avoid at all costs!

If you have any questions with regards to this post, or anything you are unsure about regarding legit or scam websites, please let me know in the comments below.

Shakeel Nordien

I am Shakeel Nordien, 23 years old, male, I am from South Africa, married and I am currently studying my 4th year of Software Development. I enjoy helping people and I am just an average, overall, nice human being.

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