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For you to ever create an avenue for money to flow in, you probably know that you need some sort of system to store your money and to give money whenever necessary. This is pretty obvious I know, but if you don’t know of good online payment systems, you not going to go far as far as your online career is concerned. Sure, you may have a bank account that you can make use of at your disposal, but sometimes, some online businesses are only interested in online payment systems such as PayPal or Amazon Pay.

So without wasting any more time, lets get right into things so we can start making some changes and most of all, SOME MONEY!

Best Online Payment Systems

1. PayPal











PayPal is by far the most popular method of payment, both online and offline for over 2 decades now (It was found in December of 1998). So what does PayPal do? Well, they basically give users the ability to accept online payment quickly and securely without having to use any type of card. Want to hear 2 crazy facts? PayPal has processed over $4 billion in the year 2011 ALONE! And to this day, they have 277 million active accounts.

As you can imagine, that amount will just continue to rise as the years go on. So lets go ahead and briefly list what the core functions you can use PayPal for:

• You can exchange money with another individual

• Make or receive donations from someone or a company

• Purchase or sell goods or services

• Send or receive payments for online auctions at various websites

So far, we have been hearing all the positive features and facts about this payment system. How about we make a list of the good, as well as the bad of PayPal?

The Positives

* Safely Encrypted

PayPal is embedded with encryption features that protects your data (and your customer’s data) to the highest possible standard of security. It has a higher level protection than most other payment systems worldwide.

* Records Transactions 

Just by the click of a button, you are able to review your transaction history through the transaction page. You also have the option to follow up on payments, send electronic checks and even request for funds in the event of unsatisfied transactions.

* Easy To Use

Very user friendly and extremely easy to use (even if you not a fan of technology). If you need to set up your PayPal account, you only need to enter a valid email account in and the rest is history (and on top of that, it’s FREE!)

The Negative

* A Unfortunate Target For Phishing and Scams

As indicated in the heading, PayPal is one of the main targets to phishing and scam attacks. You may get plenty of fake emails or online messages from someone who is pretending to be affiliates of PayPal. Be very vigilant and cautious to avoid these attacks!

* Charges When Receiving Money

As I mentioned before, PayPal is free for you personal use, however, it does cost money for business use. So if you making good money and using PayPal, they would essentially be making money as well. When you sign up for a business account, PayPal charges 2.9% when receiving money for goods or services.

* Additional Bank Charges

Some banks need a transaction fee when you transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account. Obviously, this will vary from bank to bank but it’s usually a fixed amount, despite how much money you receive from PayPal.

2. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is also a popular and widely used payment system around the world. They have a user base of 300 000 merchants, which means they have been the go-to method for websites that are in need of a gateway to accepting payments. So this is what Authorize.Net offers you:

• Mobile payments
• Online payments
• Retail payments
• Phone/mail payments
• Deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account

So, in short, this platform will do everything you are expecting from an online payment system to do. Lets create a list of the good and bad features of Authorize.Net:

The Positives

* Great Security Features

A robust security and anti-fraud feature. So, the likelihood of someone stealing from your account or hacking your personal information is very slim, as your information and banking details are very much secured through the websites safety features.

Month to Month Billing

The thing I really appreciate and like very much about Authorize.Net is that they are upfront about how much you need to pay to maintain your account, which is $25 per month.

No Long-Term Contracts

Another thing that’s really admirable about the payment system is that you not attached to a contract that needs to be stuck to for a fixed term. You decide how long you want to use the system, and you can decide when you want to end the service.

The Negatives

Data Portability is Complicated and Expensive

In order for you to set an account up on your device, it’s an absolute nightmare, as the level of difficulty setting yourself up anywhere is insane! And on top of that, it is pricey.

Pricey Account Set-Up Fee

Unlike online payment services such as PayPal, which is free to a certain extent, Authorize.Net has a setup fee that starts at $49; that’s before using any of the services that they have to offer, which is crazy.

Monthly Statement Complications

To do something as simple as viewing your monthly statements is also a mission. It is not impossible by any stretch, but it is very inconvenient, as you can only view your statements by opening up another website connected to Authorize.Net.


3. Amazon Payments

I’m sure most of you know who and what Amazon is. If not, it is a multinational technology company that focuses on cloud computing, e-commerce, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It also focuses on online payments, which they have named Amazon Pay, which is a service that allows you to make payments for goods, services,as well as donations on third-party websites. The nice thing about this payment system is that if you have a Amazon account, you can use it to create your Amazon Pay account, and if you don’t have a Amazon account, you can simply create one.

Here is what they offer you:

• Tools and features to attract new customers
• Quick streamlining to make purchases
• Provides a smooth shopping experience for the buyers

This payment system is for all users, but it would be much more convenient and ideal if you were to create a Amazon account for yourself, which would be a win-win situation for you. Lets go ahead and weigh the good qualities of Amazon Pay, with the bad:

The Positives

The Name Itself!

When people here Amazon, they are already more likely to invest in it, because of how global and trustworthy they are in the eyes of the public. In general, if you access a website which has been viewed a few hundred times, compared to a website which has been viewed millions of times, which one are you more likely to choose?

Heavily Secured

As you can imagine with a company as big as Amazon is, security measures are an absolute MUST! One of the greatest attributes to Amazon Pay is the security encryption and measures they have against phishing, scams or different types of fraud.

Easy To Use

The interface and user friendly GUI system is unreal, as you can scroll and maneuver your way around the site with the utmost ease and you will enjoy yourself so much, that you will end up forgetting why you on the site in the first place!

The Negatives

Payments Order Confusion?

You will be left a bit confused at times when you want to make payments and go through a verification procedure, despite having more than enough credit to go through with the payment, the system might tell you, “Amazon declined your transaction”, which is a bit confusing to new users. The only way around this is to contact one of the Amazon support members.

Significant Paperwork in Order To Start!

Instead of just signing up like you would on PayPal, the new Login and Pay with Amazon may be a tedious and long procedure, and not to mention quite pricey! Of course there will be plenty of benefits when you do sign up, it can be quite frustrating as a new user.

Withheld Funds

This is not common, but when it does happen, it is frustrating and can cause a bit of anxiety because you are waiting to receive money which you worked hard for, now because of some or other reason, they not allowing you to draw your money, which will lead to you having to contact the support members for assistance, which is really annoying!

Honorable Mentions


A relatively new (but successful) payment service that is designed for personal use, as well as business use. With this payment system, you are able to:

• Make international transactions

• Pay for products and services worldwide

• Conveniently make transactions using the Skrill mobile application

The user interface is user friendly and you are able to create an account for free, and only charged a fixed percentage of what they’re sending/receiving. From the sender’s perspective, the fee is as low as 1% of the transactions value. On the safety and security side, it’s good, as you get the ultimate security that safely transfers high-value money to your account. Passwords and important information is kept confidential to ensure that there are no phishing or scam attacks. It is definitely not as popular or well known as other payment services, but it does support over 30 different currencies and makes it possible to target buyers for your products and services all around the world.


An intuitive international payment system that allows small businesses, as well as freelancers to become active participants of the worldwide marketplace. Payoneer helps businesses pay their contractors or remote workers with ease from any place they operate. They offer the following services to you:

• Make world-class payments that are inexpensive, secure, friendly and fast

• Provides SMB’s and freelancers the convenience of sending and receiving payment while at the same time sustaining better markup earnings

• Users can avail of free transactions for some selected currencies

Also a user friendly payment system that is inexpensive, and is trusted by top business organizations (especially freelance companies such as Envato and Upwork). It also has multilingual support, which means that it offers local language support to most of its service areas. Its support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance in a language the customer prefers to use. To add a cherry on top of the cake, it is also a multi-awarded platform, as it has been the recipient of numerous awards for its quality services and operational excellence since 2010!

As you can see, there are plenty of online payment services at your disposal, and that is just the bare minimum which I have provided above. Also, whichever payment system I mentioned is purely just based on my opinion; it’s not to say that they are the best of the best or are the suggested systems. However, it does have the most success and best reviews as far as I have seen.

The ball is in your court though; you decide which payment system works best for you, and you can let me know in the comments below! You can also recommend some online payment systems which you are aware of that myself and many others can make use of (You can drop that down below as well)




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